In addition to sharing our restoration monitoring data with the public, NIRMI pursues our educational outreach mission by sharing online identification tools.
Key to the Ecological Roles of Fungi
This key can tell you what ecological role a fungus plays in its environment, whether a parasite, a saprobe (decayer of dead material), or a mycorrhizal mutualist with trees. This is a nontechnical key that requires no scientific knowledge to use.
Key to the Boletes of the Chicago Region
Use this to identify mushrooms belonging to the boletes (fleshy fungi with pores under the cap instead of gills). A few species require a microscope to identify, but most are fairly easy without any technical knowledge.
Key to the Russula of the Chicago Region and the Northeast USA
This key deals with the common, attractive, and mystifying genus Russula. This is a more technical key, as many of these species require a microscope for identification.
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